Custom Made Shields

Prices / Artist Commission


Custom made shield price starts at $1500 and go up from there.

Prices are negotiable and subjective for any work of art. With that said, the entry price for a custom designed shield is $1500.00 and subject to be more depending on your design and level of detail. The final price will be agreed upon after we discuss your design objectives. An invoice will be sent to reflect the agreed upon price and design details as discussed.

Refunds and Returns

We will accept returns and cancellations.

Contact me within 10 days of shipping to cancel your order. The 10% commission fees as stated below will be charged.

To return an item, ship item within 15 days of delivery in its original condition. Please pack the item in either its original packaging or something comparable to the protection afforded by its original box and padding. All damages incurred by your failure to pack properly will be assessed a charge and deducted from your refund. All returns should be insured through the appropriate carrier. Please note many carriers will only insure items to a maximum of $1,000.



How Do I get Started?

So how do I get started with ordering my custom made shield?

First thing first, your design. Do you have a specific design in mind or just a general concept of what you want? Both are ok, we can work together with your ideas and together hammer out a design that will be EPIC. Let's get in contact and get the process started. You may get in contact with me via email or through the use of our "contact us" form. Once we have made initial contact we can further discuss your project by whatever form of contact you prefer, on the phone, in person, or one of the various chat programs available.

One thing to keep in mind is that at any given time I may have as many as three to four orders waiting to start. Your project start date will be worked out once the order is placed.  



Commission Fee

To commission a project, I require a 10% artist commission of the total agreed upon price to start a project with payment in full upon completion. Your down payment will be credited to the total price for your project. If for some reason you change your mind and decide to cancel your project (in writing) before it starts, this is okay and you will be refunded any money you have deposited. If your project has started then your commission payment will be forfeit up to an amount of $300. The project will be completed and sold in the usual manner to the general public.

Any unclaimed completed projects will be listed on this page with corresponding price for sale. On occasion these projects may also get listed on EBay or ETSY for sale. In this case, a link to that sale will be provided as well. If the item is listed on another site, you are welcome to purchase it there or you may want to skip that process and contact me directly to purchase.

Payments Accepted

Once your order is commissioned, we will work out which form of payment I will take. With a little coordination I can accept most wireless / App based payment forms. I prefer PayPal, but know that if you are overseas there will be a slight bump in price due to the PayPal fees and money exchange charges incurred on the receiving end.

For this reason I prefer to use Google wallet for overseas payments. In some cases Google wallet does not charge exchange fees from certain countries.

Please check into these fees and if they apply to you.

I am very weary of any kind of checks, money orders, or cashiers checks. If you are steadfastly still stuck in 1990 and must pay using these forms of payment, no item will be shipped until the check has cleared the bank and fund is remitted. It's usually a 10 day waiting period.

Shipping and Customs

Kanut wood will foot the bill of all shipping, handling, and insurance for those items shipped to an address inside the United States. Buyer's outside the United States are responsible for all shipping costs over and above $150.00. Once an order is placed I will request your shipping address to prepare a shipping estimate and a billing invoice.

Please be aware that in the shipping world, these items are considered large and relatively heavy. The typical box measures 38 inches x 6 inches x 38 inches deep, and weighs between 20 and 25 lbs. The United States Postal Services WILL NOT ship this item.

I have found that the  shipper "Parcel Monkey" has the most economical prices for both overseas and USA domestic shipments.

Customs and Import Taxes

Buyers are responsible for any and all custom fees and import taxes that may apply. Kanut Wood Creations is not responsible for any possible delays in your delivery due to customs.

Privacy Policy

Kanut Wood Creations will only use your shipping and billing address, and your contact information to include any phone numbers or emails for the following two purposes.

To communicate with you about your order.

To fulfill your order.

Your personal information will no longer be stored or used after your order is completed and shipped.


Wood Used

I generally use Nordic pine. It is light, one of the historically correct, mainly used woods, and not difficult to obtain.

Stain Options

Most folk prefer a dark rich stain for their shield color. With that said, I can stain your shield any color or combinations of colors that you wish.

Leather Wrap Options

As a minimum, I wrap the handle of every shield. If your design incorporates a wrap edge, you can also choose to have the outer edge wrapped as well. The leather can be stretched and glued into place; have it fastened with nails or any combination of both.

Leather colors and texture selection will be discussed when we discuss your design. 

Shoulder / Carry Strap

You can even add a shoulder strap!

Standard Shield Boss Options

Choose one of our standard shield bosses. These items are:

  • Diameter: 8 inches (20.32 cm)
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs
  • Mounting Holes: 6
  • Material: Iron

Hand forged from super heavy duty 12 gauge iron, this premium shield umbo features six holes for mounting. Measuring 8 inches across and protruding approximately 2 inches, this umbo is great at deflecting blows as they simply glance off and makes a perfect addition to any round shield.

Armstreet Shield Boss Options

We are excited to offer an Armstreet boss for your shield.

  • Diameter: 9 1/2 inches (24 cm)

  • Materials: Hot forged stainless steel; approx. 14 ga (2 mm)

  • Etched Brass: approx. 16 ga (1.5 mm)

These are made of stainless steel and are decorated with a brass ring with an etched pattern which is based on the traditional Viking's ornamentation. It's just what your enemies have to see at the very last moment of their lives. What a great choice for the uncompromising warrior.

Additional Accessories

You can add additional items to your design and your imagination is the only limit here. 

There are several items available online that can be purchased and added to your shield in creative ways.

Here are just a few "bling" examples.

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